About Walkieclip

The owner and founder of Walkieclip is a police officer in Central Ohio. He has over 12 years experience as a patrolman and takes officer safety seriously. He founded Walkieclip due to years of having his shoulder mic fall off his uniform and not being where he needed it to be in desperate situations.

He tried several other products on the market but found their functionality didn't meet his needs. This led him to produce a shoulder mic strap that was functional and safe all in one. He field tested Walkieclip with several other fellow officers for several years prior to placing it on the market. After many prototypes, he developed one that suited his as well as his fellow officers needs. He wants his product to benefit fellow officers, security officers, military, and anyone using a shoulder mic as it does him. He knows how much you value your safety, as he does, and he takes seriously the responsibility that comes with making you safe.

Walkieclip is field tested and field proven by the National Tactical Officers Association. His company mission statement is "Field testing is a way of life at Safety Innovations LLC. It's the only way to make sure everything in our proven selection of quality safety products lives up to our high expectations."

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