Q: What is the proper way to wear my Walkieclip?

A: The preferred method to wear your Walkieclip is to button it to your epaulet. This lets you attach your shoulder mic across your chest for easy operability.

Q: What is the best way to wear my Walkieclip2?

A: Walkieclip2 is made to attach to the front of your uniform shirt. This allows those who prefer, to wear their microphone across their back and over their shoulder the same benefits as Walkieclip.

Q: What is Walkieclip made of?

A: Walkieclips are made from the strongest ballistic polypropylene nylon webbing on the market. Walkieclip has a very strong, adjustable polymer snap. All Walkieclips have a plastic industrial strength D ring made to fit most shoulder microphones. Walkieclip  and Walkieclip2  have a reinforced double stitched button hole that attaches to your buttons with ease.

Q: What are the applications of Walkieclip Tactical?

A: Walkieclip Tactical is for anyone who wears a tactical vest. It is found to be effective in dynamic situations.

Q: Has Walkieclip been field tested?

A: Yes. Walkieclip earned the highest rating of any shoulder mic holder tested by the National Tactical Officer Association with a score of 4.35 out of 5.0. Walkieclip has been field tested by Officers like you  for several  years prior to market entry.

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