"The Walkie Clip Tactical is an outstanding product, it solves the issue of the mic clip falling off your vest. The constuction is heavy duty and with the metal clip attatchment point you can be sure that it is always secure. I used this product during several narcotics entries and have nothing but positive things to say."   
T.T Phillips
Clinton Twp Ohio Police Department

"I think this product answers the "how to wear a shoulder microphone" question efficiently, effectively, and economically."

Alabama Police Officer

"I wear my mic attached to the front of my uniform. I have struggled to find different ways to keep my mic from falling off. I would attach it using rubber bands and other devices that just didn't do the job. Thats when I tried Walkieclip 2. This was exactly what I was looking for it looks good and holds my mic securely to my uniform. This product got its true test one night when fighting with a suspect. At no time was I concerned my mic wouldn't be where I needed it when calling for help. I highly recommend Walkieclip for anyone who wears a mic."

Kyle Andrews
Columbus Ohio Police Department

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